On Mai 20th 2016 a new exhibition with Zoltán Csillag - an hungarian artist - will launch. If you're close to Marktredwitz Bergstraße 14 come and visit this awesome exhibition.
Every friday 3pm - 8pm.
Questions? Feel free to call us.
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On August 16th 2013 Ute S. Wilhelm realized her dream of having her own studio and gallery. Ute S. Wilhelm and Edith Huth, who works together with Ute S. Wilhelm in their studio, want to demonstrate how closely linked dream is to reality. The studio is friendly inviting you to visit different workshops for every age or to get a view in painting.
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Pop art like Andy Warhol created it, gets more and more popular and inspires a lot of great artists. Last Lady Gaga brought this trend to the top. Even Ute S. Wilhelm is inspired by this artistic development. For a long time she is a great admirer of Andy Warhol and she wants to be a part of the Pop art- development. At the moment she is creating some exceptional objects like the pop art style, which are still not basic imitations of Andy Warhol.
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Ute S. Wilhelm offers different workshops for portrait drawing, figurine and nude portrait, sketches and other techniques of painting. You´re welcome to contact the artist to book and visit a workshop.
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Ute S. Wilhelm - Portrait Ute S. Wilhelm // Born 18.06.1964 in Arzberg/Oberfranken. // 1997-2000 qualification in graphic and painting at the school of arts “Fürst” // Since working as a free painter. //

In her paintings Ute S. Wilhelm thematises her emotions and what she´s thinking of for a lot of years. Therefore she creates with colors something incredible. She wants to facilitate the spectator a message, but don´t stress him with problems. The mostly socio-critical and critical of economy works show that the ambition of important values in our communal life gets more and more lost. Reality and practicality can be also found like the wish for a dreamful change.

Ute S. Wilhelm Exhibitions:

2011 Shedhallen Marktredwitz

2006 Prater Insel München

2005 Sybillenbad Neualbenreuth
Idea Dschungelparadies Neuenmarkt

2004 Kunstnacht Selb
Firm SanConsult Berg near Hof/Saale

2003 Kunstweg Weißenstadt
Townhall Marktredwitz

2002 Cafe Thorn Marktredwitz
Townhall Weißenstadt
Townhall Arzberg

2001 Library Arzberg
Hospital Selb
Customhouse Schirnding


"Das Schöne am künstlerischen Arbeiten ist, dass man frei etwas tun kann, was eigentlich keiner braucht, wovon wir Künstler aber denken, dass es nicht schlecht wäre, es der Welt zu geben."
- Zitat: Andy Warhol -

If you have got any questions or want to get in contact with Ute S. Wilhelm, please take this formular.

This formular is still on construction, please be understanding.

Impressum (site notice)
Studio Wilhelm
- Ute S. Wilhelm -

Dream & Reality
Bergstraße 14
95615 Marktredwitz

Phone: +49 (0)9233/5725

Opening Hours:
Friday: 3:00 - 9:00 p.m.

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